Elderberry, Echinacea Extract, Propolis Extract, Vitamin C

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Immune system guide


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We’ve combined elderberry, echinacea extract, propolis and Vitamin C — all well-known sources of immune - boosting nutrients, and flavoured them with raspberry.

The combination boasts powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect your immune system against the common cold and flu and kills off pathogenic bacteria. 

A unique snack for your immune boost.

Elderberry is a plant of scientific interest, and it has shown to enhance the active immune response by increasing the production of white blood cells that defend against viruses. Rich in:

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin A

• Folate (Vitamin B9)

• Potassium

• Calcium

• Antioxidants

Invented by ancestors, supported by modern nutrition.

Native American tribes have used echinacea for centuries. Today, it is primarily known as a remedy for the common cold and flu. In research studies, it has also shown to aid digestive processes.

Numerous studies have concluded that echinacea supports immune response and helps recover from illness faster. It may also lower the chances of catching a cold by 50% and shorten the duration of a cold by one and a half days.

Still wondering?

  • Is the raspberry flavour natural or artificial?

    Our gummies use natural fruit for their flavour. Healthy, tasty, gummy. No artificial sweeteners involved.

  • If all ingredients boost immunity, why do you combine ingredients with similar effects?

    When carefully combined, a formula’s effectiveness can be greater than the sum of its parts. Such is the case with Jelly Jim’s Elderberry. A mutual synergy enhances the properties of all ingredients.

  • Question question question? How do I take Jelly Jims?

    A serving is two gummies. Take one serving (two gummies) per day, and use consistently for sustained effect. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

  • What is your return policy?

    Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. We’re confident that you’ll love Jelly Jims, but if there’s anything wrong, we’ll make it right, at no charge to you.

Healthy and happy.

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