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The 6 essentials your body needs to look beautiful.

Here’s how you can improve your daily activity and productivity:


Help your cells regenerate with horsetail.

Many don’t use horsetail without realising that it’s essential for our bodies. Horsetail is high in silica, the element found in numerous human tissues. It’s a must for bone, tendon, aorta, liver, and kidney health —deficiencies may lead to skull and bone deformities, weak joints, reduced levels of cartilage and collagen, and mineral imbalances. Jelly Jim’s anti-aging gummy supplements with horsetail are high in silica content, which provides essential support for healthy bones, joints, skin, and hair. (click-through anti-aging)


CoQ10 deficiencies lead to low energy & low productivity.

CoQ10 is a critical element in our bodies, produced and stored in our cells’ mitochondria. It helps the mitochondria convert sugars and fats into energy, and protects cells from oxidative damage and pathogens. Yet, as we age, our bodies begin to produce less CoQ10. You can feel this when you’re less energetic and less productive — low CoQ10 levels correlate to low productivity and decreased capacity for physical activity. This is because as our CoQ10 levels decline, our bodies produce less energy, resulting in fatigue and weakness. Our gummy supplements combine CoQ10 with other essentials to boost your energy levels, health, and cognitive performance. (click-through anti-aging)


Collagen is essential for skin & hair after the age of 25.

Our body’s production of collagen decreases as we age. It is the primary structural protein component of connective tissues, like skin, bone, cartilage, and tendons. Since collagen makes up about 80% of our skin, when its levels start decreasing after the age of 25, skin health progressively worsens. Without supplementation, skin starts showing blemishes, fine lines, and becomes rougher. Jelly Jim’s Anti-Aging with Collagen (click-through anti-aging) help preserve young and smooth skin, especially when we combined it with horsetail and CoQ10 for enhanced efficiency.


Turmeric neutralises toxins and carcinogens consumed daily.

Turmeric is possibly the world’s most scientifically researched nutraceutical ingredient, with over 35,000 published studies, and it is so for a reason. Turmeric contains three active phytochemicals, collectively referred to as ‘curcumin,’ which is well-regarded for its antioxidant properties. However, traditional turmeric extract has one weakness — it is difficult to assimilate in the digestive tract. We solve absorption efficiency by providing turmeric extract in the form of a gummy. (click-through anti-aging) Assimilation takes place in the mouth and enhances turmeric’s effects to detoxify your body from the carcinogens found in air and food.


Ginger is essential to ease joint discomfort.

Our bodies are like machines that, with intensifying use, get worn down. With increased physical activity, we put more stress on our joints, which, in turn, start producing pain the older we turn. Ginger contains polyphenols, including gingerol, a phytochemical that possesses potent anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties allow ginger to significantly reduce inflammation by reducing nitric oxide, a key molecule in the inflammatory response process in our bodies. Ginger supplements have shown to help live a more active life, ease sore, painful joints, and even enhance immune function. (click-through anti-aging)


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