5 Reasons Why People Love Jelly Jim’s gummy supplements.

As if mornings weren’t brutal enough, you have to force down big pills that supplement you with essentials? No, that can’t be. And we couldn’t stand it. So we created gummy supplements.


Forget struggling to chug down large pills.

God forbid you drink too little water, and the pill ends up being stuck somewhere midway through your throat. We all hate it.

Enter pill fatigue. It’s the dreadfullness you experience from thinking of taking all of your supplements, something we face when thinking about the number of pills we need to take. What if there was an answer to that that was yummy, easy to take, and more nutritious? Introducing: the chewable gummy supplements.

Chewable vitamins are ideal. They provide all of the benefits minus the struggle. They are easy to chew, and because they are yummy — chances are you won’t forget to take them. If you struggle with swallowing capsules or tablets or dislike the process, gummy supplements are the perfect alternative. No more getting stuck in your throat, no more gagging.

<p>Forget struggling to chug down large pills.</p>

Optimised for absorption.

Chewing exposes your food to saliva. The saliva in your mouth contains digestive enzymes that break down nutrients and make them easy to absorb. In fact, the area under the tongue has an absorption rate of more than 90% compared to the stomach’s average of 40%.

This makes chewable supplements — gummies — optimised for absorption, so you know you’re getting the highest amount of benefits from your supplements.

In contrast, supplementing in pill form means your body only starts to digest supplements once they’re already in the stomach, losing on many potential benefits.

The longer you chew Jelly Jim gummies, the more time your body’s digestive enzymes have to break down the nutrients into elements that become easy to absorb.

<p>Optimised for absorption.</p>

Gummies are naturally, not artificially sweet.

Usually, sugar alternatives are filled with cancerogenic artificial sweeteners or alcohols. This goes against our mission of liberating health.

Jelly Jim gummies are naturally sweet — we use fruit extracts and small amounts of cane sugar to make our supplements yummy.

Our weight-managing Apple Cider Vinegar gummy, for example, is made from natural apples — and the yummy taste proves that natural is the answer.

<p>Gummies are naturally, not artificially sweet.</p>

No more stomach stress.

Most capsule and pill supplements are recommended to be taken with food because otherwise, they cause stomach stress. Further, if consumed alone, their efficiency of absorption is low, making them practically ineffective.

This is the reason why many of those who try chewable gummy supplements never go back to pill or capsule supplements. It saves the stomach stress, nausea, and actually provides you with the efficiency of absorption your body needs to utilise the essentials.

<p>No more stomach stress.</p>

Try a full month supply with 20% OFF, and save more than $50 compared to pill-form supplements.

We’ve eliminated the middleman, which allows us to offer you high quality, American supplements for a fraction of the price — up to $50 more affordable than the regular pill or capsule supplements.

This week only, we’re running a discount that starts your yummy health journey at an even more affordable price — with 20% OFF. This way, you’re not only saving big but also getting higher quality supplements that show results in the first week of use.

<p>Try a full month supply with 20% OFF, and save more than $50 compared to pill-form supplements.</p>

Too many healthy individuals waste time and money on inefficient supplements.

Jelly Jim’s gummy supplements are a straightforward, premium-quality solution that’s twice as efficient in nutrient absorption.

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